We believe that HOW we do what we do, and WHO we do it with is unique. We believe that programming is most impactful when it brings out the very best
in talent and subjects.
We believe in content based on people’s lives and passions. We believe that Colorado is the best place in the world to create and be inspired. We believe in creating across multiple genres and formats all with an eye towards teaching and inspiring. We believe that you cannot skimp on screen for the sake of profit. We believe a ski or bike day is a good day. We believe networks and talent, corporations and digital content distributors
are more than our clients - they are our partners.
We believe that content is no longer just for traditional media, that programming needs to be created in the ways people receive messages today.

At Citizen Pictures, we are Emmy Award-winning lifestyle-focused content creators focused on high profile, talent-driven productions. We are a diverse and amazingly talented group of people with a passion for storytelling. We love what we do, and yes, we’re in Denver, Colorado - the best place in the world to live, work and create. Our focus is, and always has been developing inspiring and entertaining lifestyle programming centered around high profile talent - from food to travel, sports to leisure - we focus on content we would watch. And we create this in partnership with some of the top networks, talent, digital platforms and corporations in the world. As a boutique supplier we always put content over commerce. We don’t believe in taking short cuts. We believe in the power of media to change perspective, to drive brands, and to create lasting impressions. More than thirty years in we are still as drawn to this belief as we were when we launched!

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